Wood can take on many forms. What is your choice?

Finnish pine and spruce provide strong raw materials, guaranteeing the high quality of our products.

Our flexible production system allows for a wide range of product sizes and lengths, meeting our customers’ exact requirements.

Due to their strength, our spruce and pine products are durable and attractive choices for use in houses and various other structures. They are ideal for use in roof structures (max. 6 metres), supporting beams in houses, staircase components, playground structures, garden structures, car shelters, log cabins, rotary-cut products, and door and window frames.

The gluelam beam delivery moisture is below 15%, meaning that our products are suitable for use either outdoors or indoors. The delivery moisture of planed sawn timber is 16–18%.

Product control and certificates

Our customers can rest assured that our products have passed the most stringent tests and comply with the current standards. Our own laboratory continuously monitors production and ensures product quality.

A production sample is taken from each shift for product testing. The test records are saved for five years. Our production control complies with the Japanese JAS standard and the European EN standard (CE marking).

Our laboratory tests include dimensional accuracy, moisture, laminate tensile strength, finger-joint strength, and formaldehyde emissions from gluelam products. The strength of our gluelam seams is measured by the delamination and shearing strength tests.

PEFC = (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Systems) The PEFC logo indicates that the timber originates from sustainably managed forests or that the wood raw material used in the product originates from sustainably managed, certified forests.

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JAS = Japanese Agricultural Standards.  Certification awarded by the Government of Japan to agricultural products, including sawn timber and gluelam beams. Mandatory for gluelam beams for use in supporting structures. Japanese building authorities require all gluelam beams to be JAS certified.

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CE = (CE=Communauté européenne) The CE marking provides authorities and buyers with the manufacturer’s assurance that the product complies with all applicable provisions of the European Community Directives in accordance with the appropriate conformity assessment procedures.

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Sample production



  Thickness 90-140 mm  
  Width 120-420 mm  
  Length 1800-4500 mm (somijatkeella 6000 mm)  

Small beams

  Thickness 45-90 mm  
  Width 80-300 mm  
  Length 1800-4500 mm (somijatkeella 6000 mm)  

Glue boards

  Thickness 18-47 mm  
  Width 180-300 mm  
  Length 1800-4500 mm (somijatkeella 6000 mm)  


  Thickness 60-140 mm  
  Width 60-140 mm  
  Length 1800-4500 mm (somijatkeella 6000 mm)  



  • Solid wood posts and beams
  • Wall studs / Mabashira
  • Battens / Taruki
  • Strength-graded, planed stemwood


  • Decking



Wood Shavings
A by-product of planed sawn goods production, wood shavings from our planes are processed into litter for domestic animals and pets.

An ecological choice for your pets
Wood shaving litter is a clean and compostable natural product with excellent absorption properties. It is an ideal and safe choice for use as litter in stables and cattle shelters.

Anaika Wood’s wood shaving litter is soft and will keep the animal shelters fresh and the animals dry without staining or creating dust.
Wood shaving litter is sold in bulk or in plastic-wrapped bales weighing 23kg.


Wood shaving litter specifications:

  • 580(L)x310(H)x410(W) mm
  • Weight approx. 23kg, volume approx. 220 litres
  • Contains 0.22m³ wood shaving litter
  • 35 bales per pallet
  • Compacted wood shavings
  • Practical size, easy to move and store
  • Moisture- and UV-resistant plastic packaging